Why sculpting language is used in machine learning?

It takes some time for this proportional So but still people are happy But this you’re using a skewed No you don’t learn anything And that is also at our feet The animal It is a sculpting language Thanks again Staying at best you might ask Abusing and saving you can become a produce So this pig scripts are easy to learn Not like Zara program Anybody can learn very easy to learn So people started using how then pick a lot.

If you’re a person coming from sequel background you may prefer hive because you know secret If you have a hard core programming you’re not really good at sea But you’re according life You can easily land Big test group Actually very 239 to Kendra analysis So big and how it became very very popular That’ll be a whore like you will say Okay well uh analyze this data ee I ee i ee I think has a president respects this Google hasn’t a project that automating booting a model building a mission learning more Listen challenge So they’re automating that persists.

There is a machine learning to build a machine learning like the movie inception There is that confidence Where all these companies for the shockers that next like Sony Energy So you had a fridge It’s a president It’s not something you but they have our ride based refrigerated everything you say I including a refrigerated so that they have nothing for you Okay so you won’t help me think Now this is really like that You keep that chicken you keep it can understand the chicken is older but it it is Well you know if the chicken is getting cold Uh what did it remind you again Now that we’ve found the recipe and send it to microwave oven so you just need to keep it on The dish is ready for the O Yes So you can give these three treatments afternoon.

Not that I know that it’s not for The judge may not use it because that this movement it’s option So IBM has a break this morning Watson That is so many people like us now It is very popular You feeling us like this legal opinion is very costly So you want to steal somebody for one minute You for certain people 1,000,000 to the advocate right So it’s very costly you know that So this IBM Watson they have a little bit What The best you Watson you feel all the data It will tell you the success rate of your case.

How you should die You know what you should produce in the court Expects it by comparing or this are the startup company I say we’re being similar They’re doing the same thing on section afford to India It is cheating In India we have something called section for 20 But it’s cheating Andi that cheating is very interesting Let me tell you and it’s very interesting I can’t say you cheated me and you were able to Jake I mean what I’m saying is that cheating is a really strong close So if I devour requesting the police station saying that I’m saying that you cheated me.

So to some reason they have to take up a case So now that is a bit of problem But it’s a spur Be government Cheating has to be taken very seriously But people simply give up the case and that he’s treated me You treated me So these nights are now analyzing this for 20 we’re in If in later case if somebody finds the keys the system can understand and predict that if you proceed with all this evidence As for better call you may not be not moving This is a chance of beating etcetera That’s already happening And since I’m a trainer I get in a lot of this because I work independently So many companies called me.

Many organizations called me for training so on usually training Big Gator and Cloud But these are all connected access pox screaming is that this is really interesting Why This is interesting because spot has off Um but you say uh bandages When it comes to big data spark is probably the fastest processing engine Right now we have on big paper and that is why people do you spot a lob on Also spot has Yeah Another gland is that spark can do of a righty off what fuels using spot you can like See Coakley’s you can go Mission morning You can do real communities You can go back and fixed everything.

You learn one same work and it can do many things that it sparks a spark has become very popular So that’s 20 that a time practice practice box dreaming but sparks equal and spark up So it has my different components So if I simply say spot it is a vice processing system it takes the date actresses in New York Spot streaming is where it around some brie time and give you the output So really they’re quite so my measure It is big data over the last 23 years 90% of the training zone stock So then I climbed comes for the car.

Previously for the big day top trainings they say the topics we will call this a map reduces their height Is that Is that okay Okay guys they’re so now there is how do coveting spark So the participants on 80% there spot Then you can cover that they’re closer So sparkly Very popular actually These days most of my trainings are actually on spot This really Barcelo So it’s not just for women It is ready These are all the processing engines you can get in So then you don’t get How do you don’t get anything And then you say that I want to analyze the data using high using pick using spot that a couple of more of them but not so important These have the execution engines which you get along with Duke normally right Um now that is also somebody called X base.

This is slightly different That space is the Nossiter database on her that before in our secret date Every so if you want I’ll talk a little bit about no secret later But if you want to use something called no sequel then you can use this article College face expresses their defied no safer database on Onishi business Also lady populate this Facebook messenger is actually running Using each case It’s very possible Are the messages you had exchanging right face with missing that actually uses such case It’s saying no secret databases Um are you sure you after the break and everything.
You that or is it only when somebody said Why do they say about you That’s the often says hi by the orders in a thing which was created and all But we feel right now working in an organization you will never use Apache Group because you know that is you will never get technical support anything But like in Lennox Who How What We’ve been doing it So you have vendors for a group So that is cos like loaded our autumn books mapper this other measure windows off Duke So you go to them and say That gives me how do on.

They won’t charge you for license which are only for support So it is considerably less surprising I feel comparing the traditional well no licensing fees support the charge spread missionary church So they help you to set it up and then around the cluster and off So any of these windows we will be seeing normal Even you look at the that is something called MPP massive and processing MPP means faster sequel engines and you have many guys in that category There is something called Impala This is a secret engine just faster than haIf And there is something called High which l l a B And that is something called a drill Very something called It’s Extreme Best too So I do this very secret engines So this is basically batch processing Mackenzie.

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