Why ransomware attacks are dangerous?

What we hear from the latest compromised that has happened in the maze ransomware attack so in 2017 we all aware that there was a pity or not petia type of attacks where they were doing is just locking your devices or encrypting your devices and then asking money to pay wire bitcoins but this maize ransomware that is right now affected most of the IT companies looks like they actually have the capability to get your data out of your networks.
If you don’t pay them then they actually threaten you to expose that data out there in the internet so it becomes more regulatory issues as well it is no more about availability because in previous cases for example if you had a defenses mounted such a way that you have regular backups taken if you are regular laptop gets encrypted you can just simply restore it from the backup and that’s it then you are then you are safe.

If you address the root cause of the availability but if your data is exfiltrated the problem you have is that regulatory issues because you have to do a data disclosure loss about what kind of data that is exposed and what kind of customers that are getting impacted because of this so it becomes extremely important to understand this cyber kill chain or the process these cyber criminals are following.

You can stop them the the best way is to detect early the early that you detect the easy for you to put defenses so that you can keep your organization resilient to these type of attacks and extremely important topic is to ensure that or cell security to the organization cyber security should be everybody’s responsibility it cannot be a cyber security teams alone responsibility because then you are setting up yourself for the failure please ensure that everybody in your organization is aware about their cybersecurity responsibilities for example how many of your employees.

Who is working from home have actually changed their network password or router passwords you can do a simple calculation do a simple pulser where and then you would know you used to work from home only once a day but now since last two months you are working from home every day so what if your Wi-Fi wpa2 password is live great right it is possible then you are exposing your data so how many times you actually are you changing your Wi-Fi passwords are you following the 90 day policy very important thought for you to understand.

It’s important to understand a what is everybody’s responsibilities are and how they do a data classification so that then understand how to add how what kind of security mechanisms they need to build in for handling various types of data how do they know what is confidential data what is internal data what is public data so that they are aware about social media guidelines for example what kind of things that they can put it out there what kind of things they don’t put it out there because most of us will have this home office.

Set up today’s and you might be taking notes on a whiteboard or something and then you take a selfie with it and on top of the whiteboard you might be having a confidential data behind you and when you are working from office we would have had rules and regulations that said here you cannot take pictures because you are working on a confidential data but that may not be the case when you are working from home so you have to extremely be vigilant and give that information to your employees and keep them constantly remind about the cybersecurity policies and principles the do’s and don’t.

They will be able to stay cyber resilient and keep your organization cyber resilient in term as well so what is important is to define what is normal because the best source of information you would get is from your employees so they should be forthcoming and saying hey you know what by mistake I clicked a link that looks like malicious can you please help us out so that before it actually spreads you can stop so you need to encourage has a cyber security team this kind of behaviour.

So that they will be able to so that they will be able to report and they will be able to forthcoming in helping the organization stay cyber safe and one of the things that I see most organizations follow is have this common program across the organization having just a one our cybersecurity program for all your employees is is helpful but not really so much helpful the best way is to have targeted awareness programs the kind of an awareness and a developer would need would be extremely different to a what a end user or a business user would mean.

So for example what kind of data are you as a developer you need to talk about to him is what kind of code he is he Publishing into github because nowadays people are moving towards agile methodology continuous integration and continuous deliveries using this code repositories to check-in checkout and having their keys so what kind of security mechanisms they built into the core you have secured by design mechanisms do you think about security when you’re designing new systems this becomes extremely important so have these policies and procedures in place and ensure that you have this targeted awareness programs so that you will be able to help or keep this content of your cyber security awareness program relevant to the role job role of that employee.

You will be able to help build applications that are cyber safe and ensure that you are engineering teams your development teams your Quality Assurance teams are available cyber security cyber security require requirements are baked in and the is MS policies that you have or cyber security policies you have are known to entire employees and what is the do and what is the don’t is available to employees and just to be specific to the covert situations are working remotely from the situations ensure that you have a cyber check list that contains things like what are the do’s and don’ts.

When they’re attending remote calls what are the do’s and don’ts or access points what access points they can use and do’s and don’ts around the physical security of the devices have this checklist and circulate it to your employees so that they are aware what is the organization expecting them to do and keep constantly remind remember cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility not just the cyber team alone the better this machine is across the organization the organization will stay resilient more and with that.

vivek can we move on to the question-and-answer session so we give our servers and attendants a chance to interact with us and also a quit mode and for in association with great learning is also going to be launching an eight-week cyber security strategy the lines of cyber security leaders or this will be coming up soon if you wish to join in for this program of black for information about the same please feel free to reach out to us at cybersecurity head or feel free to drop us a message on our website in the meantime we will quickly pick up some questions okay Raghavendra has asked a question.

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