What is a spring function and how to use it?

It’ll be select Start from Bank B is now if I had execute So as we see initially we did not have this Unification Column And by executing this command we have successfully out of this new column into this Now for the going ahead we’ll have toe check the length of the string over here So they want to find out what is the value off geolocation for product Be guide So the variable we have the product Picard I would want to find out the value off to location So what we have to do is we’ll have to use the very close.

When type and select your location from buying people’s protectors a car the B C The question is that’s very Whenever I have the product off peak card I would want to know that you location corresponding toe this so the command would be select geo location from and I have to give in the name off the tables which is buying the l select your location from bank details there right that is equal Do be guide We actually have another value because there is nothing stored into your location because it is a new column and we haven’t added any value inside that Now for the going ahead we’ll have to find out how many characters does the product Big are having its Bindi Dale stable.

In this let’s count the number of characters So here’s a guard 123456 and seven So to get the exact number will have to use the garland function This is a spring function which is in building C equals will type select Garland and inside this they will pass in the column name for ritual called Name for which we want to find out the length so will pass in productive inside this and well I’ve scrum given the name of the people which is buying details and then we’ll given the condition of your product as equal Do be guide.

Let me show you with our table for store with your so we’re to be select star from bank the deals and we have a table right in front of us Now I want to find a relent off so I’ll type and select off God Lend And I want to find out the guy Lantos Product Select Garland off product from Thank the deals And after in the conditions I have to give product Zeke will do be guide right now Let me select this and let me here Don’t execute So it seems like we have ah headed over here So this is actually product So there’s a spelling mistake aware you’re now let me execute So you see that Madeleine That’s seven.

Now Similarly let’s say five want to change this And if I put 10 points over here which is we see the second record Now we see that the letters nine Now if I remove this condition and just you know semi Colon now let’s see what else they reside So we get seven and nine because the character length off begun to seven and the character lend off He points us nine and then going out We have a new question over here So we have two point dodo broad up field from car worker So initially even we had created this bank DP stable though indeed a type off this product call embers character so we’ll have food chains start from character to Marker which is a fixed lens character govt Brolin’s character.

So like a news the order table command over here so we’ll type or doughty William in the name of the table And instead of using I will after the command over your mortified because they want to modify the table Modify our which is the name of the column and given the day that I So again I’ll remove all of this over here Let me use to describe first or not that’s easier for me to look at the table So I type in describe and I given bank details So I basically have to modify this column over here So this is God I want to change the scrum guy to market so I use or the people on then the name off the table is buying details.

I have to use the G word modify and then I want to mortified up our doctor column and from car I want to meet it to Barca On the length would be seen which is then let me cut this out Let me around us now how we successfully executed this Let me again run this and let’s see what the result right So now we have sex is really boiled over the table Now let me go ahead and use Describe again So I type described by the deals And now when I don’t execute we see that initially this will scare the have successfully teens is toe with the help of the oil table command.

Now after doing the side 123 use those size off the product feel so as you see we had said the size to be equal to 10 Now I want to change the size from and to six off it winged I I actually would receive this is actually possible So getting the command would be seen my type in or go table given the name off the people which is buying details of what you’re so while type in order tables buying the deals And I have to use modify on the name of the column as productive and wire card and then show off giving.

I’ll put you know six over you No let me run So you see that this is an aerial way Have another over here in the States Data truncated for column product X Pro one because we only have inserted pull cord into the stable and the lent off Both off those characters was seven and nine which means we need to have the size over here It used to be nine So let me change all of these values and show what happens when I pretty to be seven again I get an error when I put it to be eight and run this again As you see we have a better no fine leave and I predict will be nine You see we have successfully like this to Dude was over here Now just to ensure that we have made the changes I dive describe and then given the name of the table which is bank details.

As you see we have changed size from 10 to 9 and after doing this will have to create a new table called US bank qualities And this new table again would comprise off three columns civil court qualities start time and and I So how did a few displaced only the date and then they’ve got start in which displace hours and minutes and then the guard in time which this place hours minutes in time So todo create a goddamn which comprise off only paid over here as you see inside the Create Able Command First given the name off the column and then when setting up the bikes over here to this day only eight We use date over here And when we won’t date and time 71 time in hours and minutes they use big time And then we also wondered Time Zone They use the time stamp data type over here so let’s go ahead and create the stable.

Again we’ll be creating the stable inside are buying the tubby’s so create people on their name Off the table would be bank details and inside this I have to just go ahead and create all of these columns So the first column would be horrid e and that’s the type would be bid And after this I have to give it a new column called Start Time and this would be the time On going ahead I have to create a new column Korda’s and Time Andi For this it would be time stamped So I have successfully created that stable Let me hit Execute.

It seems like Yes So this is actually not buying details And this is bank holidays So let me jeans There’s to be buying 40 days over here because even employees are for bank need qualities They can’t work every single e Right So I have created this day Booth No let me just show you the table which I’ve just created So select star ground Bang.

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