Reviews of Bikini Body Guide- Bikini Body Guide Reviews
Reviews of Bikini Body Guide- Bikini Body Guide Reviews

Reviews of Bikini Body Guide- Bikini Body Guide Reviews

Reviews of Bikini Body Guide- Bikini Body Guide Reviews

Reviews of Bikini Body Guide- Bikini Body Guide Reviews



There were a tonne of options available while looking for a fitness manual online. It was challenging to distinguish between reviews that were entirely bogus and those that were based on true personal experience while going through the numerous evaluations. Today, I’ll compare the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide with Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts and give my honest, unbiased view.

Lisa is a 39-year-old mother of four who stays at home. You would think that since I am at home all day, fitting in a workout or a trip to the gym would be simple, but that is just not the case. I don’t have much time for myself between soccer practise, loads of laundry, and dirty diapers.




A workout I could fit into my schedule was absolutely top consideration when choosing the best programme for me. I was also trying to find a strategy to lose weight gradually and keep it off. The Bikini Body Guide stepped in at this point.

Over time, I found myself disregarding my nutritional requirements due to all the excitement that comes with having a family and all that goes along with it. I always seem to be on the go, which has resulted in some extremely bad eating practises on my part. Before I knew it, my 5’1″ frame had gained 30 pounds. I was always active and in shape when I was younger, so this was a serious blow to my ego. I felt confined to my own skin. I was aware that in order to get the outcomes I wanted, I would need to put in more effort and persevere. Finding the best programme for me was all that was left to do because I was dedicated and had a goal in mind.

On social media, I saw the Bikini Body Guide commercials. The advertisement attracted my attention because it promised speedy results. Companies that make ludicrous claims often make me leery because it is frequently just marketing fluff. In an effort to target the specific areas where women experience the most difficulties, Australian Kayla Itsines developed the programme. She created the Bikini Body Guide to assist ladies in obtaining their ideal beach bodies.

The expense was the first thing I thought about. This was yet another crucial deciding element for me. Due to the fact that I am a stay-at-home mother, my husband is the only source of income. I needed to make informed decisions and know that I would get the most value for my money. I don’t have any money to frivolously spend on something that might or might not work. For me, this is a significant investment.

I’ve done a lot of study and have finally reached a conclusion. Do I think this programme is worthwhile? Would making this investment be wise for me? No, in all honesty. I’ll tell you why.

Two components make up the programme, and there is also an additional optional guide that can be used but needs to be acquired separately.
Priced at $69.97, Bikini Body Guide 1.0 covers weeks 1–12.
Priced at $69.97, Bikini Body Guide 2.0 covers weeks 13–14.
The cost of the optional H.E.L.P dietary guide is similarly $69.97.
It sum of $209.91 is enormous, and that is only the beginning! Even the suggested equipment to follow the programme is not included in this. This may not be a problem if you have a fully functional home gym, but the idea of needing to buy weights, a bench, an exercise ball, a heart monitor, etc. made my heart sink. I simply don’t have the money to spend $500 to begin an uncertain fitness regimen. I believed there had to be a more logical programme available that would still aid me in achieving my objectives.

I discovered Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts after doing more research. At a much lower price, this programme was equivalent to Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. This package’s two tiers cost roughly $50 in total, and it also came with a FREE dietary guide. Definitely more affordable for me. All of the information I read about Jen’s programme intrigued me.

Without a doubt, trying Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts was the best choice I’ve ever made in terms of nutrition and health. Not only was the price excellent, but I also got a lot for my money! What you will get is

a 60-day money-back guarantee; simply return it if you decide this isn’t the programme for you!
Review of Kayla Itsines
Totally free recipe and advice-filled nutritional guide
list of complimentary purchases
A comprehensive handbook with step-by-step directions and videos to get you started
monthly exercise
Booty Blast workout DVD for 21 days
Many, many more…
Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems like a lot! My mind is greatly at peace thanks to the money-back guarantee. What had I got to lose, really? For me, this was an obvious choice.

I couldn’t wait to start, and after the first week I was addicted! Returning to the routine was a little difficult at first, but it became easier and easier over time. The exercises are easy to understand. It has been such a convenience for me to be able to exercise in my own house. When they watch my mom exercising, even my little ones prefer to participate. Hopefully, this will instil in them healthy behaviours so that they won’t experience the same unhealthy circumstance that I did.

Another benefit for my family has been the complimentary nutritional guide. The nutritious meals are inexpensive and simple to prepare. Not only for me, but for my entire family, this has meant a complete change in lifestyle. For one household, fast food is no more! My blood pressure and resting heart rate have automatically decreased without any effort on my part. This has significantly enhanced my mood and general well-being, especially when combined with the scale results I am experiencing.

Although I still have a lot of work to do and am in the transitional stage, I am quite pleased with my preliminary results. I don’t feel disgusted by my physique anymore. I actually take great pride in my hard work and show it off whenever I can! I even have friends that joined the programme after seeing how much weight I lost and how fantastic the results were for me. People appreciate my new figure wherever I go. For the first time in ages, I can’t wait to hit the beach and show off in a bikini!

Which Bikini Body Guide a buyer selects is ultimately up to them. But I believe I made the best choice possible for me. If price is not a concern, I’m confident Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is a fantastic choice. On the other hand, Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts is an affordable option with successful outcomes for people like me. Whatever decision you make, I wish you the best of luck on your quest for fitness and weight loss!


Reviews of Bikini Body Guide- Bikini Body Guide Reviews



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